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I'm not going to let Jim and others run me out. I mean, they are bad repping me trying to make me go red, but hopefully people form their own opinions of me and good rep me.

I'm just going to ignore them as much as I can. They can say how much crap they want, because I know it will all be lies and if people want to believe them, then that's their prerogative and I don't care. Not many people like me anyway, and the ones that do like me, dismiss what they say too.

I got a private message from one of them the other day, did I reply? Nope and I'm not going to either.

I'm a grown adult and I can dismiss the rubbish they say and plus the fact that not many people like me, it's not going to hurt what they say. I can live with it and I am not letting these people win.

I take pride in myself, I'm a proud man and I don't like losing and if I run away, it means I've given up, I've lost and I'm a coward. But I'm not any of those things. I'm a winner and a champ and they stay and face the music regardless of what is thrown at them.

I understand I don't have many fans and that's fair enough. But the small percentage of people that do like me will be happy to hear all this.

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