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Well im pretty sure my score predicting of Ivan vs nadal and fed vs nadal jinxed both of them, that is why they lost, and that is only why they lost :)

alright, well lets see, to review Fri-Sud. Friday night, went out to play mini-golf with some friends, and we felt out of place :lol: the place we went was full of 13-16 year olds, us 19-20 year olds stood out, but we acted 15 :lol: it was fun night, and as i said i WON :) Saturday was also fun, i watched few world cup games during the day and had poker game at my house at night. I went out early, so as my friends played, i trolled around here :rolls: Sunday once again i watch world cup. checked in tennis match once a while. didnt really care who won. they both suck ;) After 6:45pm my brother and i went to play tennis, as we were warming up, he got a bloody nose :lol: so we hang around the court to see if it would stop, i didnt, so we went home, just as we got home it stopped :( by then it was like 7:35 and we didnt feel like going again, im sure we will get back out there tomorrow. I like playing with him, since we both hate to lose, its gets heated out there. I won last time we played 6-2 6-4 :) i almost choked in the 2nd, being up 5-1 :rolls:

week ahead- work M-F 7:30am-4PM, its not bad, since my mom is the boss, but i still do work, not like last summer when i did nothing :lol: just played poker in her office.

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