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Masaniello is just a simply Excel Sheet, created by Ciro Masaniello some years ago. This sheet contains mathematical algorithms that allow us to know HOW MUCH to bet, to achieve a TARGET, that we're going to decide.
The basical concept is quite easy. For example, If we make 6 single bet, whose odds are 2,00, and we put 2,00 € to each bet, if we win 3 of the 6 bets, our profit is 0,00 €. With the Masaniello progression, we decide our target; if we think to win 3 bets AT LEAST, we'll set a 3/6 progression. The advantage is that in this way, staking what the Sheet advice us to stake for each pick, we have a 1,52 return, so for example 5,24 € starting with a 10,00 € cash.
The first disadvantage is that we must pick events one after another, because we must know the result of the previous bet, to calculate the following bet.
The second disadvantage is that if we don't reach the target, we lose all the initial cash (but there's always the possibility to stretch the progression to repair bad situations).

My will is to use a 7/10 Progression, with an average odd of 1,45/1,50 (so not so risky). This Masa has at least a 1,60 return, so that starting from 10,00 €, our profit will be of at least 6,00 €.
Considering the small odds and the 3 mistakes allowed, I found it a good compromise profit/risk.
The attached file is a screenshot of my last progression ended with success.
Hope next one will be succesful too!!! :)


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