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According to my freinds the only reason I like a tennis player is because he's cute or hot...and when I think about it, it's true! Fortunately in the land of tennis 98% of tennis players are somewhat attractive. So here's the list of my favorite/hot list and a nickname to match :

(BTW these are in order)

1. Richard Gasquet- he has been my favorite player for quite a long time now, and I picked up alot from his backhand.He has a lot of potential, he just needs to show more of the talent that he has alot of. And c'mon who doesnt love that french accent? he's also suppperrr cute.;)
Richard Gasquet aka monsieur back-and

2. Rafael Nadal- I like him 'cause he's enteratining to watch. He's a great player, but not predictable. And his interviews!!! I love it, it's soo funny! And he's just so appealing, no?
Rafa Nadal aka the forced lefty

3.Andy Murray- My favorite part about Andy is his serve and how emotional he is on court (I love it when he just yells at his box all the time :D). And to be honest he has a great website, I like his "editor's blogs".prettyyy funny :) (
Andy Murray aka great scot

There will be more to this list in the future. I get very bipolar when picking favorites ;). But these three players are my definate top three.


PS: got any ideas for nicknames on any other players and any of those on top? just comment or message me!
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