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According to my freinds the only reason I like a tennis player is because he's cute or hot...and when I think about it, it's true! Fortunately in the land of tennis 98% of tennis players are somewhat attractive. So here's the list of my favorite/hot list and a nickname to match :

(BTW these are in order)

1. Richard Gasquet- he is my favorite player for quite a long time now, and I picked up alot from his backhand.He has a lot of potential, he just needs to show more of the talent that he has alot of. And c'mon who doesnt that french accent? he's also suppperrr cute.;)
Richard Gasquet aka monsieur back-and

2. Rafael Nadal- I like him 'cause he's enteratining to watch. He's a great player, but not predictable. And his interviews!!! I love it, it's soo funny! And he's just so appealing, no?
Rafa Nadal aka the forced lefty

3.Andy Murray- My favorite part about Andy is his serve and how emotional he is on court (I love it when he gets yells at his box all the time). And to be honest he has a great website, I like his "editor's blogs".prettyyy funny :)
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