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The courts are similar?

Took out two tough big servers/serve vollyers in Arnie and Duckie (type of games which he struggles against on quicker surfaces), overpowered Novak in the final with his agressive "Forehan" D

Did not drop a set, everyone thought Rafa would go on to win a hardcourt slam, it hasnt happened, he was so impressive in this masters event, i thought he would push on from this you know?

Since this tournament Rafa has gone walkies in terms of hardcourt form against difficult opponents.

Ok he made the S/F of the aussie open but all of us know that rafa had a cakewalk draw to the semis, why has rafa become more transparent on hardcourts, he is becomming to predicatable, using too much slice, must hit the ball flatter rafa.

The Indian Wells Rafa should be in the final, whats happened to him? I miss him.

Hope he comes back.
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