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Most intesting matchs in 3rd round

What are for you the most interesting matchs in 3rd round?

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I'll go with

1. Nadal-Blake (first real test of Nadal)
2. Verdasco-Djokovic
3. Gasquet-Ljubicic (for personal reason)
4. Agassi-Berdych
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Looking forward to the Verdasco-Djokovic match.
I'm kind of nervous about Nadal-Blake, because Blake is playing great and Rafael's not playing his best game :( but hopefully he'll get through.

And Gasquet-Ljubo, Agassi-Berdych match too. :)

me: Do you think Berdych can beat Agassi?
my sister: Maybe, but it's not August anymore.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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