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Been at uni this morning and I really needed to copy some essays I gotta read over the weekend. We have 8 copiers in the German department only. Now take a guess - how many of them worked?

:woohoo: Good one, you're right - not one of them. :fiery: :mad: :banghead: 6 were out of business and the 2 left ones had an empty toner. :explode:

Well, I thought "Nici, be clever and try to find a copier in one of the nearby departments" - Nici was clever and climbed the stairs to the French department - 4 copiers they have, none of them had paper. :fiery::fiery::fiery:

My last chance to copy my stuff without leaving the building was the Philosophy Department. Finally, they had a copier that was working, ONE out of five. And guess what - due to the fact that every other copier was out of order today in that damn building every student stood there waiting to copy some pages. :mad: :banghead:

Why do we have those machines? I mean, they're not really stylish or decorative. :rolleyes: They would if they weren't grey but pink and green or with yellow dots. We could also use them to place some nice plants on them, or some kind of sculpture. :ras:

I went to the copy shop btw, which meant I had to leave the building, froze my ass off because my jacket was upstairs and had to pay 2 cents more per copy. :fiery:

Hope you had a nice day...
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