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I have been very busy this week, not really have the time to follow tennis. Carlos lost in Bucarest :( but flew directly to Belgium to see Flavia playing the Fed cup.

Gonzo played his exhibition match in Chile with Gisela Dulko, with some nice pictures. Gonzo and Gisela don't hide anymore. Just hope that the medias will let them alone.

I leave on thursday to Finland for my work. I'm going to visit Savonlinna, a popular place during the summertime for its festival. I have never been interested by Finland, visited Helsinki once, and I liked it a lot. I go there with one of my colleague, I think it's going to be nice.

The bad point is that I'm going to miss Prison Break, on thursday, 3 episodes !! I saw the two first ones cause I downloaded them, I couldn't wait :lol: But, I'm goint to tape them just to have the French version :lol:

My colleague still has to give me the first season in dvd but he noticed that 2 episodes were missing, so he "works" to have these two episodes.

I wanted to read some stuff about the serie and found a bit number of websites dedicated to the serie or to the actors. And, found some great pics of the actors and especially Wentwooooooooooooth :lol: I can say that I have my Wentworth Miller's fever at the moment, he he !!

The crew is coming to France (in Cannes) in October, but couldn't go there, cause I'll be in Madrid !! Sometimes, there are some priorities :lol:

Yesterday, watched LOST, was surprised to see Anna-Lucia dead. I liked this character.

Pic of Miller (I like this pic a lot)

I like a lot black and white pics :

In MC's videos :

Mariah has been very lucky :lol:
I remember when I saw the making off of the video on MTV, I noticed him and thought he was a model and not an actor !!

I forgot to say that on monday (tomorrow), I'll start my spanish lessons, I'm very happy :banana:
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