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I'm still in love with the idea of Yale.

But amazingly I have found a somewhat more cost efficient alternative (and I have NO IDEA how this alternative is more cost efficient :tape: )

I am now looking into the American Intercontinental University in London ;)

Yes. I know. It's genius! Not only does my WTAW profile still list London as my location (I think, lol), but we all know I went there twice last year and I was there the year before, yada yada.

Plus, it makes it easier for Mila to kidnap me and take me to Serbia :p

But yeah, I would get my MBA in International Buisness. They have housing, which, as long as the forms got in on time, I would be able to get and I'd be back in my favorite city in the world :D

Ideally I wouldn't get my entire bag stolen with my passport, iPod, wallet, credit card, phone, and camera inside this time ;) Then again, of course I wouldn't. My flat would have Internet and I would not be in sketchy as hell Internet cafes :p
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