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I hardly have time or energy to blog here any more, with waking up early to watch tennis and then having to work all day and having all these computer problems...Anyway, short and sweet.

Safin's loss was heartbreaking in that I think he would have served it out at the end if umpiring and line-calling hadn't gone haywire, and being out of challenges would never have happened on clay. It's one thing I've always hated about the 2-wrong-challenges Hawkeye system. It wouldn't have hurt the game of tennis or wasted time in the final game if he had gotten decent line calls, especially since he was right. I hate that it depends on what went before. Line calls should always be accurate to the best of the ability of everyone involved; it shouldn't be a crapshoot if we can help it. It's worse when the audience & commentators could see that his shots were in. And then the idiot umpire forgetting to award him match point...:mad:

Anyway, he fought well considering how exhausted he was and how horribly he played, and he can be proud of himself. I refuse to believe he would have lost 6-4 6-0 to Federer, too. He'd have lost, sure, but we'd have had a more competitive semifinal, not to mention one I would have enjoyed much, much more.

Speaking of FedGod, he's going to hit 8000 points in a week or two. :worship: 7870 after he wins tomorrow, and then Basel and Paris with nothing to defend. He can even improve at the TMC.
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