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Welcome aboard naughty "Mimi"

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HEY you naughty Mimi, where are you girl?, i am waiting for you for to keep arguing about your 300 pounds and your age (87 years)
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Welcome Mimi :) :)
i guess this mimi is taking her lunch, adding some punds to her figure :rolleyes:
maybe i'll chat with her tomorrow, here is a bit late. you are in Miami , no daniel? there is even later;)
thanks fatty uncle mummy luis but you must be nuts, i am not 300 pounds, not even reach half of it , you are referring toyourself right :p
OMG Fat Dar :eek :eek:
welcome aboard plumpie, i will reply you properly tomorrow. now is too late here, (2 am) and i need to rest.
so during my absence don't gain more kilos please, already is really hard to transport you, from your house to your job.
see ya naughty mimi:D
thanks Daniel and Rebecca :)

mais je ne sais pas si mon petit babe me veut parler encore :eek::(
Salut Angela :wavey:
where are you plump mimi?:confused: surely eating your lunch and earning extra pounds to fill your full figured body:mad:
thanks people :)
no need to pay attention to this jorge, he is crazy, he is fat and so he is jealous of my 34:26:35 figure :p
are you talking about feet, right?:rolleyes:
feet:rolleyes: 34 inches feet, it gonna break the world record right :p jealous old uncle :p go and eat your big mac+grilled chicken+dolly milk and leave me alone, i gonna do exercises to perfect my 34:26:35 inches figure :D
hi Plumpie Mimi, how are you today?? eating a lot, as is usual on you?:D
hola uncle fatty old Jorge :D. As usual, I am going exercises, 10 minutes of hola opps, 5 minutes of jump rope .... to perfect my figure, unlike you sitting all day and eat, i know why you didn't post these days, your beloved FP told me that you were stuck in the toilet coz you are too fat so can't post :D:D:D

at last tyson helped to take you out from the toilet otherwise you are going to live and eat in toilet forever :D:D
oh, i didn't know mimi had her own thread! :D
hello harry :D.

tell you, this Jorge is a bad man, he is jealous of my slim figure and while he is a fat man of 400 pounds, so he never stops to tell lies and said that i am a fat girl but of coruse i am not :D
haha mimi. so tell me the secret of eating junk food without getting fat! ;) and u still want to give some of ur fat away to cecilia cheung! :D
ai yar, you bad harry, we both from HK, you believe me or this bad Jorge :fiery: , just joking :D.

well i am a bit fat :eek: but however not 400 pounds :(:(, but i tell you, this Jorge is really 400 pounds :D:D

he cannot leave his house with the help of his powerful body guard tyson :D:D
1 - 20 of 802 Posts
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