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The week is over, glad to be at the week-end :banana:
Today, I finished at 7pm, two clients came at the agency at 6pm, the time we were supposed to close :( They know we finish at 6pm and they come. I don't like those kind of people. When I go to a store, I try to not come when they close, just by respect...

Today, my boss told me that I'll go to Finland for work and visit, in September (the last week), so I'm happy. It will be in the south of Finland, in the lakes region, in Savonlinna, popular for its music festival during the summer time. I've been once to Finland and it was in Helsinki. I was there for a week-end on my own, a few years ago, in July and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't like to sell Finland but I like to visit it. With those trips, I still don't know when I'm going to take my holidays.

In July, I go to Valencia, Spain. I don't know that city and I always wanted to visit it. My mum will come with me, it will be a present for her birthday, in August :hug: Hopefully, the weather will be great and we'll try to go to the beach. I love the sea, the beaches...

Tennis... Fernando lost to Roddick today. I haven't seen the match but I suppose that Roddick played better, he's a good grass specialist, so I was not very surprised. The positive point is that now, he's back in the top 10 :) According to his blog on the atp website, he'll take a two days off to visit the city and then,will prepare for Wimbledon by playing the Boodles Challenge. I'd like to go to Wimbledon, just to see some tennis, not for the play on grass, because I don't like the grass play, but wanted to see him again. Tommy Haas won in Halle, so he'll play the semis, I have a special thought for my friend Aurélie and my other friend F. who are big fans of him , big :hug: girls :) Good luck for the next round :bounce:

This week-end, a lot of work for me, I have to finish my website for my exam, on tuesday. I have still a lot of work to do, but I'll succeed :yeah:
The results will be on July 10th, after my return from Estonia, hopefully, I'll have it :)

On sunday, there's the world cup match France/South Corea. I really hope that the French team will win, because it would be disappointing. I couldn't watch the first match, because I was outside for my work, but will be definitely in front of my tv on sunday evening. Allez !!!!

Now, I'm watching "Sex and the city", I have to say that it's the first time that I'm watching that show :lol:
I'm starting to watch "Desperate housewives", it started here in France, a couple weeks ago, and I like to watch it even if I fell asleep in the first episodes :lol:
I can't wait to see "lost" back on french tv, maybe for late june, July, first season ended in a real suspense... Want to see Sawyer :inlove:

Have a nice week-end all :wavey:
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