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Week 41: Sacramento, Calif. Challenger (USA)

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Sutter Lawn Tennis Club
Sacramento, Ca

Sacramento $50K (H)
1 Saretta, Flavio BRA 108
2 Murray, Andy GBR 110
3 Tipsarevic, Janko SCG 127
4 Reynolds, Bobby USA 128
5 Lu, Yen-Hsun TPE 134
6 Sa, Andre BRA 148
7 Morrison, Jeff USA 159
8 Sela, Dudi ISR 160
9 Vahaly, Brian USA 161
10 Gambill, Jan-Michael USA 166
11 Bogomolov Jr., Alex USA 170
12 Delic, Amer USA 177
13 Baker, Brian USA 178
14 Okun, Noam ISR 180
15 Guccione, Chris AUS 184
16 Dancevic, Frank CAN 188 {bummer}
17 Fruttero, John Paul USA 202
18 Kendrick, Robert USA 207
19 Ram, Rajeev USA 213
20 De Voest, Rik RSA 214
21 Prpic, Filip SWE 224
22 Mamiit, Cecil USA 227
23 Chadaj, Adam POL 228
24 Baccanello, Paul AUS 230
25 (WC) Sam Warburg, local product and Stanford grad
26 (WC) Scoville Jenkins
27 (WC) San Querrery
28 (WC) can't remember...
29 (Q)
30 (Q)
31 (Q)
32 (Q)

1 Gremelmayr, Denis GER 236
2 Mankad, Harsh IND 239
[email protected] Russell, Michael USA 239
4 Cakl, Tomas CZE 247
5 Todero, Nicolas ARG 254
6 Taino, Eric USA 259
7 Healey, Nathan AUS 266
8 Bozoljac, Ilia SCG 269
9 Amritraj, Prakash IND 271
10 Fleishman, Zack USA 276
11 Mertl, Jan CZE 281
12 Mlynarik, Zbynek AUT 293
13 Jenkins, Scoville USA 294
14 Petzschner, Philipp GER 296
15 Levy, Harel ISR 301
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Re: Week 41: Sacramento Challenger

no Mardy :sad:
Re: Week 41: Sacramento Challenger

hmmm, let me send an email and see if I can get some news. :hug:
Thanks Fee

:hug: :sad: :hug: :sad:
Sacramento (No SE spots)
OUT: Baker, Bogomolov, Dancevic, Y-H.Lu, Prpic (and Cakl from ALT)
IN: Gremelmayr, Mankad, Russell, Todero, Taino
NEXT: Healey, Bozoljac, Amritraj, Fleishman, Mertl, Mlynarik, Jenkins, Petzschner
Why did Frank withdraw?
Sacramento (No SE spots)
OUT: Baccanello, Baker, Bogomolov, Dancevic, Gambill, Y-H.Lu, Prpic (and Cakl, Mertl from ALT)
IN: Gremelmayr, Mankad, Russell, Todero, Taino, Healey, Bozoljac
NEXT: Amritraj, Fleishman, Mlynarik, Jenkins, Petzschner, Levy, Rettenmaier, Odesnik
Glenn's playing on the red clay in Ecuador instead of the grass in Sacramento.???

Maybe he's been smoking some "Sacramento Grass". :scratch: :crazy: :shrug: :wazzup:
Andy Murray won't play.
Glenn told me at the USO that the elevation in Ecuador gives his serve pop and he feels he can play well there. He'll be back in California for the next two.

Yes, Andy is going to withdraw but its not official until he stops playing in Mons, so he's not on the list yet. The 4 WC's have been given out, but I don't think its public yet so I'm not saying anything (but no one will be surprised by the first one anyway).
Thanks for that info Fee.

Sacramento (No SE spots)
OUT: Baccanello, Baker, Bogomolov, Dancevic, Gambill, Y-H.Lu, Murray, Prpic (and Gremelmayr, Cakl, Mertl, Petzschner from ALT)
IN: Mankad, Russell, Todero, Taino, Healey, Bozoljac, Amritraj, Fleishman
NEXT: Mlynarik, Jenkins, Levy, Rettenmaier, Odesnik, Miranda, Bloomfield, Klec

I'm absolutely beat because I 'worked' for 12 hours today (hopefully the rest of my days will be shorter). Started yesterday when I picked up Tipsarevic at the airport. I like him, he smiles at my silly jokes. Horia Tecau of Romania is definitely worthy of a couple of :drool: 's from Alfonso, and Simon Stadler of Germany is my new favorite (I'll have him saying 'word up dude' by the end of the week). And if I actually get to see any tennis, I'll tell you how they play.
Thanks Fee :)

Good luck to all Israelis, especially Harel :D
Yes, I would like to see Harel come through his part of the qualie draw. I gave him a hug yesterday when he showed for sign-in (and thought of his fans here in the Challenger threads), but we didn't really speak since there were so many others around. I don't think Dudi Sela has arrived yet. I need to get going. Ick, I'm still sleepy.
Good luck Travis R, Huntley, and Scottie :D
so Horia is cute? :drool:

And Janko :hearts:
Good luck Jesse Witten :D
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