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Jerusalem, Israel Challenger Tour 80
Date: 5/20/2019 Original Cut Off: 337 (ATP) / 17 (ITF) Ranking Date: 4/29/2019
Direct Acceptances: 35 (ATP) / 5 (ITF) Wild Cards: 5 Qualifiers: 2 Special Exempts: 1

Main Draw
116 Schnur, Brayden (CAN)
232 Viola, Matteo (ITA)
238 Sela, Dudi (ISR)
242 Miedler, Lucas (AUT)
247 Myneni, Saketh (IND)
248 Li, Zhe (CHN)
254 Kwiatkowski, Thai-Son (USA)
257 Banes, Maverick (AUS)
259 Oliveira, Goncalo (POR)
262 Harrison, Christian (USA)
264 Sakharov, Gleb (FRA)
265 Ilkel, Cem (TUR)
267 Griekspoor, Scott (NED)
269 Peliwo, Filip (CAN)
273 Smith, John-Patrick (AUS)
275 Harris, Andrew (AUS)
278 Yang, Tsung-Hua (TPE)
281 Ortega-Olmedo, Roberto (ESP)
287 Altamirano, Collin (USA)
289 Mukund, Sasi Kumar (IND)
292 Petrovic, Danilo (SRB)
300 Kotov, Pavel (RUS)
301 Barrios Vera, Marcelo Tomas (CHI)
304 Elias, Gastao (POR)
316 Wu, Tung-Lin (TPE)
322 Wang, Tak Khunn (FRA)
323 Escobar, Gonzalo (ECU)
327 Descotte, Matias Franco (ARG)
328 Olivo, Renzo (ARG)
330 Zhang, Zhizhen (CHN)
331 Smith, Roy (AUS)
333 Kuzmanov, Dimitar (BUL)
334 King, Evan (USA)
335 Song, Evan (USA)
337 Ferreira Silva, Frederico (POR)
10 Fayziev, Sanjar (UZB) ITF
13 Rinderknech, Arthur (FRA) ITF
15 Crepatte, Baptiste (FRA) ITF
16 Karatsev, Aslan (RUS) ITF
17 Ehrat, Sandro (SUI) ITF

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Aw, shucks. Challengers near a GS on its qualifying week are usually a thing of beauty, shame we aren't getting any this time around.

Those entry lists with 4 random people ranked between 80-100, and then a massive gap to the 5th seed who's well outside the top 250. It makes for some intriguing matchups.

Turns out only Schnur is unwilling to make the trip across the pond, I'm glad Slams have moved to make themselves more interesting for people to try their best at qualifying.

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Smart move by Schnur. Likely wouldn't qualify for RG, so deciding to play here as by far the best player (and IMO only 'pro' level player aside from Sela), should be a title for him.
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