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Wednesday scores

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Norman - Johansson 5:1
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Norman - Johansson 5:2
Come on, Thomas! Fight back!
Thomas leads 3-1 in the second set. :)
Johansson wins the second set 6-3! :bounce:
Paradorn leads Tim 2*-1
go Paradorn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

please win this match anyway you can :)
Well done Paradorn, saved 2 BP and hold service, 3-1

C'mon Paradorn
Hello Khun Jiro.

You are here as well. Thanks for your message.

Go Ball!
Yeah, I love Tim "Tam"
Hmmm, overwhelming support for Paradorn. ;) Guess it's about time I start cheering then.

GO TIM!!! I know you must be a little rusty, but you can pull through! :)

Telephone ring................... Lucy's gone into labour :p
get out of there Timmy and fastest way is to lose :p
YES!!! Tim broke back!

3-3 :)
Johansson leads 3-1 in the third set. :)
Hello Khun Nicky2002,

I just received a tel call from Paradorn's aunt. She was asking me the score.

Tim saved 2 BP and hold service. Tim 4-3*

C'mon Paradorn
Alright! Tim broke again and will be serving for the set! :bounce:

5-3 Henman
Henman takes the first set 6-3! :bounce: Way to go Timmy!
Uhm...Tim is so strong. Hope Paradorn is going to crab this set.

Go Ball!
Yeah, I love Tim "Tam"
1 - 20 of 210 Posts
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