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I couldn't see the semis live because i was studying :sad: but my bro taped them for me and i just watched them. Couldn't believe it when i watched Fed and Gaudio. Is that a joke? double bagel? in a Masters Cup semifinal? :rolleyes: Roger wasn't even playing his best, what happened to Gaudio? The guys were right, it really is a Disaster Cup :rolleyes:

They didn't show the second semifinal entirely, but just the end of the second set, and i had a shock seeing Nalby bagelled Kolya! :sad: :eek:

But they showed the doubles semi between the Bryans and Santoro-Llodra! what a tiebreaker!! :bounce:

I'll tape the 2 finals tomorrow morning.
Roger has won 81 matches this year, and lost 3. If he wins tomorrow, he'll reach McEnroe's record!!! go for it Roger!
And Santoro and Llodra will play for the last time together, as next year Mickael wants to focus on his singles rankings. That would be great for them to end their partnership with a Masters Cup title!! Allez les Bleus! :woohoo:

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.
Mike Singletary
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