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Next week tourney: Grand Prix de Lyon

I officially hate the draw!! :ras:

[1] BAGHDATIS, Marcos vs CLEMENT, Arnaud
[WC] LLODRA, Michaël vs Q
MAHUT, Nicolas vs MAYER, Florian
MARACH, Olivier vs [8] ALMAGRO, Nicolas

[4] GASQUET, Richard vs SAFIN, Marat :bolt:
NORMAN, Dick vs [WC] PATIENCE, Olivier
MASSU, Nicolas vs KIM, Kevin
ASCIONE, Thierry vs [5] SODERLING, Robin

[6] GROSJEAN, Sébastien vs MATHIEU, Paul-Henri :rolleyes:
Q vs Q
GICQUEL, Marc vs SEPPI, Andreas
SERRA, Florent vs [3] HRBATY, Dominik

[7] MALISSE, Xavier vs SPADEA, Vincent
BENNETEAU, Julien vs Q
GINEPRI Robby vs SIMON, Gilles
GREUL, Simon vs [2] GAUDIO, Gaston


How can you be this unlucky?!
But oh well, I guess you'll have to beat whoever you're up against to actually WIN a title!!! :rocker2:

*I'd rather see you play Seb than Richie or Marat for that matter! :rolls: *

For your own sake, Paulo... PLEASE, I'm begging you AGAIN!!



Madrid Masters Series reaches its Semi Final on Saturday...
Roger, David, Fernando and Tomas are the final four! :)

Yesterday, I wasted most of my time on the Quarter Final matches... here's my thought about them :smoke:

1st Quarter Final: Marat "I'm just mentally ill!" Safin couldn't finish off David "I love eating" Nalbandian a.k.a. Fat Dave! :tape: :haha:

Marat ended up losing to Daveeh in the tie break of the 3rd set after having a chance to serve out the match at 6-5!!

That sucks! He was fighting very hard! :sad: -- And Marat's ball was called out when it actually went in! It was an important point in the 12th game, final set. But of course, Marat was mentally ill enough to use all of his challenges too early!

MARAT!!! :cuckoo:

Congrats David! Gracias for telling me that it's okay to be FAT... coz obviously, you can still win a match! :aplot:

2nd Quarter Final: Roger ":bowdown:" Federer got pass Robby "Am I a basketball player?" Ginepri in straight sets...

I have to admit that Robby was playing some great tennis out there! I mean he was chasing every ball down! That's a good sign... a GREAT sign actually for a player. Robby did kick some @$$ lately... but Roger, of course, was too good for him.

Roger, seriously, you should just play with one hand or sth!!!! This is getting too boring!!! :nerner:

3rd Quarter Final: Rafael "The Piggy" Nadal got his @$$ kicked by Tomas "I have a good game and the hate for Rafa!!" Berdych --- Tomas won the 1st set off Piggy with one break of serve. I'm sooo glad that he won! Oh, please... I don't HATE Rafa most of the time :spit: :devil:

And these Spanish crowds, they start clapping for anything that goes Rafa's way... even a fault from Tomas! That's not very nice!!!!!! But this Tomas guy hangs tough! :yeah: Good to see someone who's not mentally ill plays!! (No offense, Paulo et Marat :p )

4th Quarter Final: Fernando "I'm all about POWER!!" Gonzalez vs Novak ":shrug:" Djokovic were up pretty late last night (3 am. in my country!)... so I didn't stay up to watch the whole thing. I couldn't see the difference if either one them wins! So I :zzz: after the first set.

I found out in the morning news that Fernando won. Great!! ;)


Ps. I hope Jesus Fed win the title... after all I admire his talent and personality! And the fact that he's still with :hug: Mirka, his :scratch: not-models-like girlfriend! just impressed me even more...

I wonder how it feels like to do that! Creating your own history... that must feel great! :worship:


Bonne chance, Paulo!!!!
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