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I'm back from my great trip from Spain! :sad: I'm sad because I liked it too much and now it's over...wish I lived in Barcelona! It's the most beautiful city I have ever seen! So enchanting! :inlove:

Okay so the first two days of the trip I spent in Barcelona! It is such a beautiful city!!! Absolutly beautiful! The architecture is so cool and the vegetation oooh, those huge plam trees! :worship: I visited the Sagrada Familia (Gaudi's famous work), Park Guell (where the longest bench in the world is :) ), the Picasso Museum (honestly, that one didn't impress me at all....maybe I don't know how to appreciate Picasso :shrug: ), I have also been to Barri Gothic, the old part of the town where I've seen a great cathredal, I also saw Gaudi's famous houses, Casa Milla & Batllio (I don't know if I speld those ones right)! And at night we went to see the famous show of the magical fountains!!! And it was magical allright! I loved it!

The rest of the days I stayed in one of the sea-side resorts, not far from Barcelona! The sea was so nice and blue! And very salty, that's also true! :lol: But very nice. In one of the days a trip was organized for Figueres, the place where the museum of Salvador Dali is! Man, was he a genius!!! :bowdown: But a crazy genius! :cuckoo: I guess that's what you need to be a genius! A bit of wackyness! :lol: The museum was impressing indeed. The imagination that man must of had! :eek: We also visited his wife's castle in Pubol! He married Gala (that was her name) at 54 years old. And she was 10 years older than him and came from Russia! She was his muse and appeared in almost all his woks!

aaaah...the only dissapointing part of my trip is that I didn't visit El Camp Nou, Barcelona's Stadium! :sad: I really wanted to see that one! But oh well, maybe next time! Because I will go there again! ;) It's just too beautiful! :D can I add pics to my blog??? I have absolutly no idea!!! :shrug:
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