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Saw this on page 11, but it's no longer available.

Reclutas: Young argentinian, we are not here to celebrate, we are not here to celebrate the 20 years, we came back because Susana asked for militar service, we came back because Susana asked for militar service. There is not colander for the noodles, there is not colander for the noodles.
David: Let's use my racket... i don't have tournament.
Reclutas: Let's use his racket... he doesn't have tournament.
David: I like tenis, rally and fishing.
Reclutas: He likes tenis, rally and fishing.
Pachu: Anything... but work.
Reclutas: Anything... but work.
David: Recluta Martinez, saw you in the theatre.
Reclutas: Recluta Martinez, he saw you in the threatre.
Recluta Martinez: I'm a raquetera (like tennis groupie) and i'll break you into four.
Reclutas: She is a raquetera and she'll break you into four.
David: When i was a kid...i used to train in clay.
Reclutas: Drinking Fernet with the Unquillo's lazy ones.
David: When i was young, became a friend of the landscape saws.
Reclutas: In the Uritorco he debuted with an alien.
Pablo: You being a vegetarian is what the homeland is asking for.
Reclutas: That way we'll see you with the Ensaladera.
Pachu: In this days of insecurity...
Reclutas: If we win, it will be in Libertad Street.
David: Marcelo, as a present, i give you my sweatshirt
Reclutas: and a temporal tattoo with Russo's face.
David: my racket and my short.
Reclutas: and the Nadal's underwear
Pablo: He played in Monte Carlo, with the best, side by side.
Reclutas: Here there was a Carlo what mounted all.
Recluta: The pair Del Potro-Buonanotte is on tv.
Reclutas: You have to do it with Enana Feudale.
David: If you want to be a good tennis player...
Reclutas: your opponents in this season...
David: first serve...
Reclutas: ...changed the ball for this granade.

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Nalby vs Tsonga Indian Wells 4th round highlights

Njoy and suscribe;)
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