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Yoohoo!!!!!!! Damn the boards are dead at the moment!!!!!!!! :yawn:

About me:
Name: Rachael
Gender: Female
Birthday: 30/02/1801
Birthplace: London
Current Location: North London
Eye Color: Green on the outside, brown on the inside
Hair Color: Naturally light brown but recently i have dyed it a dark browny/reddy colour
Height: 5ft10
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Handed
Your Heritage: English
Siblings: Older Sister and Older Brother
Your Weakness: Chocolate.......Dark eyes with dark hair......:drool:
Your Fears: Failing in life, Bugs that fly :scared:
Your Most Overused Phrase: Init
Your Best Physical Feature: dunno eyes?
Do you Smoke: No
Do you Swear: Yes
Do you Sing: Yeah but i cant :lol:
Have you Been in Love:;)
Favourite Food: Anything unhealthy :haha:
Favourite Drink: Anything alcoholic :haha:
Fave Month: December
Fave Day: Saturday ( No School :woohoo: )
Main Ambition in Life: Travel the world
What is the time where you are? 11:20am
What is the weather like? Sunny but a bit cold
Favourite Player: Nadal :hearts: Gasquet :hearts:
Least Favourite Player: Many; Ljubibic, Gaudio, Karlovic, Davydenko...........

Thank you for reading my blog :yeah:

Dark eyes with dark hair------> that's me , deep brown eyes almost black with very very dark black hair , may be the darkest level of black... people ask me all the time if I dyed my hair and the same answer all the time : no it's natural hehehe...
glad you got the red belt though;)
keep writing :) see ya
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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