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Post-Match Press Conference
Nadal: "Elsewhere in the world, it would have been impossible to defeat Ljubicic"

The Masters Series Madrid champion said that "the public's support was the key".
"Ljubicic has played unbeliveable", added Nadal.

Madrid, 23rd of October, 2005

Q. How many times have you recovered down two sets in a five set match?

Rafa: First time.

Q. What was the key point to change the match?

Rafa: The public's support, the crowd. Elsewhere in the world, it would have been impossible to defeat Ljubicic. Thanks to them, I won this final. I started to believe in myself a little more also.

Q. Your year is impressive. Will you have time to rest before Shanghai?

Rafa: Well, I want to keep my feet on the ground. I won two very important matches in my life: Davis Cup was one of them, and against Karlovic was another one on that surface. But, yeah, this year is a bit different. I feel comfortable, besides my physical problems.

Q. We thought a victory in three sets was possible because we saw you losing the first and second set. Were you doubting?

Rafa: Yeah, I had doubts throughout the whole match. Two sets behind, he was playing great. How many aces did he make? Do you know? 32. What do you think about that? I didn't even see the ball.

Q. How much of your success today do you attribute to your doctor?

Rafa: Well, last year's injury in my foot, too. He's always supported me. He always advises me what to do. I usually follow his advice. Sometimes I don't.

But I need to thank him for his opinion, because his opinion is usually the right one. He's a very good doctor.

Q. You said before some of Ljubicic's serve were very strong, even 234 kilometers per hour. How do you play against a player like this with this serve? How do you fight and keep consistent until the end?

Rafa: It's very, very tough because when you serve you have trouble. When the opponent serves, he sometimes makes two, three aces in a row. When you serve, you usually lose the game. Sometimes you come down, you lose your hopes.
You think, "Let's win the game." But it's very difficult to break his serve.

However, I was looking forward to winning something. I was enthusiastic anyway. You need to fight. Mentally, I was strong. That made me win. As I said, thanks to the crowd for their support.

Q. About the bands you are wearing on your knee, what is the effect they have?

Rafa: Well, it's just a soothing effect. It doesn't cure your knee. It keeps your patella a little bit higher. I think the doctor should explain it to you because I don't really know what it does. It reduces the impact point of the patella on your knee.

Q. Will you be in Paris?

Rafa: I hope to.

Q. I think it was a mental and physical effort. What percentage do you attribute to each of these aspects on the court? Are you about to travel tomorrow to Basel?

Rafa: I don't need doctors right now, I want to go to Basel and win the tournament. I don't need to travel, but I want to get there, see how I feel. I hope to play the tournament.

Q. Percentage?

Rafa: I think it was more mental than physical. Physically, I was feeling tired.

Q. An incredible year since the Davis Cup till now. Do you think your goals are getting higher and higher for next year? Are you afraid of the responsibility?

Rafa: Well, I think this year is almost impossible to repeat. I'm going to start next year in high spirits, but without pressure because this has been an incredible year, a year to remember, to keep at home like a picture you hang on the wall. Next year, I'll try my best, knowing and being conscious that I cannot repeat this.

Q. Are you going to go to the stadium tonight to watch Real Madrid?

Rafa: Well, I won't get there at 9:00, but I hope to be there for the second half.

Q. What do you think about Tiriac's comments about you? Do you think he was kidding?

Rafa: No, it's usual with him. He puts me down often. But he said in Paris when I learned to play tennis I would be great. I hope actually to improve as he wishes me to improve. I don't want to see his words as negative, but actually as positive words.

Q. When you were two sets behind, what did you think and feel?

Rafa: No, I think is very difficult match for sure, no? Two sets to zero down, Ljubicic playing unbelievable. I can do nothing because he's playing unbelievable. He serves very, very good.

Q. Did you try to change the way you played a little more?
Rafa: Yeah, I changed a little bit. I played a little bit more aggressive with my forehand, and the public support me a lot. For that reason I can come back, no?

Q. Is this and the Davis Cup the best support you have ever had?
Rafa: I think, yes, probably. I think, yes.

Q. Can you tell physically, how are you now? Are you okay? 70%?

Rafa: No, no, I'm okay. I have pain in the two knees. Today is a very, very tough match. But I feel okay. I will speak with the doctors and I will have a test.

Q. There's still a chance you might play Basel and Paris?

Rafa:I don't know. I think is a lot of tournaments. But my illusion is to stay in there in the two tournaments.

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veyonce said:
Q. What do you think about Tiriac's comments about you? Do you think he was kidding?

Rafa: No, it's usual with him. He puts me down often. But he said in Paris when I learned to play tennis I would be great. I hope actually to improve as he wishes me to improve. I don't want to see his words as negative, but actually as positive words.

what's this about tiriac's comments? do i miss sth? what did it say?

also, his english is a lot better now, at least i seldom see 'no' at the end of sentences nowadays..

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Credits to Yoly & nou.amic of for the articles respectively:-

As soon as the match finished, the tv comentator and Emilio Sanchez Vicario made Rafa a quick mini interview, here is what I saw:

As soon as the match finished:-

TV commentator: Rafael Nadal the Champion!!! Incredible!! He deserves it, he'a a natural born winner... He has turned round this match everyone though he had lost.

Then the camera turns to Rafa who signs the camera lens and writes an 11 on it (I suppose it's for the 11 titles!!!). Then Rafa sits down on the bench and waits for the trophies to be given out.

TV commentator:
We are going to talk to the champion. Our men are putting earphones and microphone on him at this moment.

Then the camera focuses Rafa, sitting on the bench with a towel and a flag of Spain over his shoulders. He has some big earphones with microphones on his head.

TV commentator: Rafa, can you hear us?

Rafa: Yes, yes..

TV comentator:
Rafa, explain to us how have you been able to turn the match round when you were losing 2 sets down...

Rafa: The truth is I have no idea... The truth is that the match was turning out too complicated for me, Ljubicic was finding spaces and serving incredibly good... The only explanation I can find for turning round the match is that I've played here, at home and that the public has been incredible... I think it's been the best week of my life...

TV comentator:
Have you done this for you or for this public who has been supporting you all week long?

Rafa: I suppose I did it for both of us. The truth is that I have to thank the public, who has been by my side day by day and I have to thank them again for today because I think they'v made 80% of this victory.

TV comentator:
With 2 sets against you you have reacted on time and you won the last decisive tie break.

Rafa: Yes... The truth is that this match has been really equal... Pffff.... I am really really happy...

Emilio Sanchez Vicario:

Rafa: Yes?

Emilio Sanchez Vicario:
In those complicated moments, that you always decide the right thing to do, do you not get nervous?

Rafa: Yes, I think everyone gets nervous. Nerves are something you just can't hide nowhere, I think everyone gets nervous... I've always said that I think this way: If I'm nervous and feeling like this... then my rival must be the same or worse, no? It's a good thing to think in difficult moments.

TV comentator:
Rafa, it's your 11th title of the year. You equal Roger Federer, this is important...

Rafa: Yes, this is really important, and apart of equaling Federer in titles it's important because I've made an unforgettable season... I don't know... I have no words... I'm so happy... after 2 bad years with difficult moments becasue of injuries, well it's all worth it now... (Rafa is almost in tears after saying this, you can tell it's difficult for him to talk and his eyes are watery)

TV comentator:
Well and last, where do you place this tournament of the 11 you have won?

Rafa: Pfffffff.... Well.... I think... that after Roland Garros it's the one that has made me happier, no?

TV comentator:
Well, Rafa thanks a lot, and congratulations champion!!!

Rafa: Thanks a lot.

Next they go to his uncle Toni, who is holding his 4 year old daughter in his arms:-

TV comentator:
Can you believe this, after losing by 2 sets at first?

The truth is I can't believe it... after losing by 2 sets... and playing a lot worse than his rival at the beginning...

The Ivan seemed to drop his level a bit and he gave us options, so Rafa was able to turn things round...

TV comentator: This tournament is special for Rafa, Is this tournament special for you too?

It's always special to win in Spain, in Madrid. This was really special to him because he played badly here other years, and then at the beginning with the knee problems, he wouldn't have played if it had of been a different tournament...

TV comentator:
Congratulations to all the family.

Then the trophees are given out. Rafa hugs everyone, when he hugs Pedro Muñoz he doesn't look very amused, he looks away, not a very sincere hug I can tell you...

And then Rafa gives his speech and thank yous, this is what he says...

Well... Good evening everyone.... First of all I want to thank all of you because without you it would have been impossible for me to win. The truth is that thanks to all of you I've lived one of the best weeks of my life... It's been a long time since I've felt like this...

I want to thank all my team, well my uncle... my parents, erm... I don't know... erm... Carlos Costa... mmm... Angel....

At the beginning of the week there were difficult moments when I didn't know if I was going to play or not, and at the end we took a decision... So I want to thank the doctor also, for all his support.

And, as always, I don't want to forget to thank all the ball boys/girls, the referee, the press manager, Benito, who's been with me all week... The sponsors, I want to thank the sponsors because without them nothing of this could be possible.

I hope that next year I can be here again and I hope that next year we can all be here together and united again... Thank you.

Then, later on in the evening news we got a few more images of after the match. Rafa is running and jumping around with the champagne bottle in his hand pouring it over Ljubicic while Ljubicic is doing the same. After that Rafa takes a drink, a mouthful of champagne, but instead of swallowing it he spits it out like if it was a fountain towards the camera and laughs.

After that we see him sitting on the floor with his legs spread out and he's kind of massaging them.

And finally a reporter makes him a quick question:

Reporter: You've been massaging your knees there, do they hurt?

Rafa: Well, they've given me a little bit of bother, they hurt when I bend down.. but I'm sure they'll get better and I'll be in perfect conditions for Shangai.

Well, I'm not going to bother you anymore because I think you have a football match to go to (another Real Madrid match...).

Rafa:(laughs) Yes... I think I've made this match go on for too long... I'm only going to catch the second half now!!! (laughs again)


Final victory for a genius

Epic victory for Nadal in Madrid gives him his eleventh title

Rafa Nadal celebrates a new title
(AP)MADRID (Corresponent - - Do you remember that for days I have been saying that Rafael Nadal never ceases to surprise us all? Well, once again I have got to tell you that Rafa has done something that is difficult to explain in words.

That Nadal has won a new title is nothing new and will not strike you as unusual, however, it all looks rather different when one has been an eye witness to the days of suffering the Mallorcan has been through this week.

Although he declared that "it has been the best week in my life", he certainly has not played in a tournament with so many physical problems. All because of "the illusion it gave him to play in Madrid" according to his Uncle Toni Nadal, who explained that "if it had been any other tournament Rafa would not have played".

On Wednesday morning talked with Nadal on his arrival at Madrid Arena and he confirmed: "I'll play because the inflamation on my knee has gone down a little". This news was a surprise.

On Tuesday, everyone had been saying that he would not be ready for Wednesday. The Mallorquin had saved his first match ball - the knee would let him play even if it was only at 70%. Madrid breathed a sigh of relief: their idol was ready, although nobody knew how he would perform. Just seeing him was already like a victory, so bad had things looked. He began with a convincing win against the Romanian Victor Hanescu.

On Thursday, the task was more difficult - facing him was Tommy Robredo - but he handed out more of the same. Friday arrived and with it an even more complicated assignment against an indoor specialist like Radek Stepanek. The result? The same as usual.

On Saturday he met another player in top form, Robby Ginepri. What happened against the American? I do not have to tell you that.

So, having swept aside four top class opponents without losing a set, he reached the final on Sunday. With the worst possible opponent, Ivan Ljubicic, who had gone 17 matches without losing on the way to winning two consecutive tournaments, the last one a week ago, in Vienna. The Croatian, who had already defeated Fernando Gonzalez and David Nalbandian, held the indoor record of the year with 29 victories. Frightening figures.


An apprehensive Nadal stepped out on court for the final. The first two sets were won rapidly by the Croatian but, from then on, the Spanish Superman emerged. Nadal turned the game around in an epic manner and after almost four hours lifted his fourth Masters Series trophy of the year.

This is his eleventh title this year equalling Roger Federer in the number of trophies won. As usual. Rafa made light of it and thanked the public because they "have been the key to my ability to fight back. I think that if this final had been anywhere else in the world, it would have been impossible to come back and win". That is a lie, genius! Thank you very much for having made us enjoy ourselves so much this week, although you were not in condition to play. As they told you from the stands: "Rafa, you are already a heritage for humanity."

As has been said before, what makes Nadal great is his humanity. He treated marvellously well, as he did the rest of the press, and that you have to thank in the second best tennis player in the world. After having dealt with many top sportspersons, we can say that without a doubt Rafa is the best. It is to be hoped he never changes.

So that you can best understand the humane quality of this young man of 19, let me tell you that at the end of the final, instead of taking himself off quickly to the dressing room, he spent almost half an hour on court having photographs taken with the model ballgirls, then the children who had been ballkids in the tournament, and last of all with the 50 volunteers who had given their services. All of this at his own request. The gesture of a genius.

Afterwards he had a quick shower, gave a press conference and was off once more to the Bernabéu to watch "his" Real Madrid. He arrived just in time for Raul's equalizer but, shortly after that Villa - with a penalty - put Valencia ahead once again. Like the good "merengue" he is, Nadal protested the penalty decision. It was a pity that he was not able to see the "whites" win again as they had a week ago against Atlético de Madrid and on Wednesday against Rosenborg in the Champions League.

The "merengues" are sad because Madrid was beaten, but on Monday Nadal's victory will be the only subject of conversation and, in the bars, the Madrid fans will be able to claim that, at least, the Mallorcan tennis player belongs to Real Madrid..

In theory, on Monday Nadal travels to Basle, Switzerland where his presence has been announced. However, everything will depend on how his knees are, and these knees are not fit to play, so unless he gives us another surprise (I do not think so this time) his next tournament will be in Paris although he would only be just about ready in time to play there, so it is probable that we will not see him again until the Masters Cup in Shanghai.

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i know i'm late...i got back last night and only heard about his result this morning...and this is the first time i've had to post a message here...but just wanna say i am so stoked that he won....i am sooooo happy for him!! :bounce: :banana:

he is such a cool guy and an awesome player...he deserves everything!!! and also congrats to ljubo who put up a great fight. hope rafa doesn't play until shanghai now...he needs rest, i feel tired just thinking about him!!

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Once again, words fail me to say how proud I am of this brat... :worship:
Rafael, you're just incredible, a marvellous player and an adorable being, please just remain the same whatever !! :inlove:

Me the best no ? ;)

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