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Hello there.

Yours truly is going to be in Paris for a week in July, so I thought since I'm already there, might as well extend my time in Europe and maybe see Southern France, and definitely some of Spain, since I've always wanted to go.

The problem is, that I have no idea where to go, and wanted to ask some of you before doing an internet search in case you have some ideas.

I will likely be by myself (sad but true), and my primary concern is being close to the beach, second concern is how much it will cost.

I wouldn't mind a bit of night life, but I'm getting too old for clubs and the rowdy crowd.

So any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Depending on the amount of time you have on your hands, here are some suggestions:

Barcelona. Relatively close to France. A superb city (which I rate above Paris) with uncountable places to eat delicious tapas, several great museums (think Picasso and Dalí) and of course sprinkled with a little Gaudí magic (you have to see the Sagrada Familia).

Basque Country. Can't say I've ever been there, but I know that it's a magnificent part of the country. Rough landscapes, dotted with some great cities (Bilbao, San Sebastian), and while you're at it, why wont you run with the bulls in Pamplona? Plus, it's just across the border from France, so it should be easy to access.

Andalusia. This is a personal favourite, though this is region is in the southernmost part of the country. This region used to be controlled by the Moors, and the islamic influence still shows in the cities. There is some terrific architecture (Mezquita, Alhambra, Giralda), the impresive Sierra Nevada mountains, and if you like beachlife, there's always Torremolinos!

Hope this helps, anyway have a great time!
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