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The US OPEN started yesterday. I watched a little but I only had women matches :sad: YEsterday evening, watched a movie with Colin Farrel called - Phone game -. I don't know Colin Farrel a lot but I heard that he was a good actor and it's true. I liked the movie a lot. Maybe, in the future, I'll try to watch more movies of him. I won't watch - Miami Vice - because I didn't really like the TV show.

This morning, I saw that Dédé (André Agassi) won his first round :banana: I was sad to not be able to see him play LIVE but it was during the night. I saw the end of the third set this morning before leaving to work, and when I came back during my lunch break, Eurosport was showing the match and this evening, when I was back from work, they showed the match again :lol: Apparently, it's raining right now in NY. Hopefully, I haven't been there this year.

Tonight, Gonzo and Carlos play. Buena suerte to them. They'll play in the evening, so don't think I'll watch them. I'm almost sure that Eurosport won't show them :sad: and I can't follow the matches on line because have to work tomorrow.

I read the second chapter of Vince's book. It was about the DC final in Sevilla. Vince is not happy because Pat Mc Enroe didn't pick him to play. He prefered chosing Mardy Fish and they lost :banana: Apparently, Pat prefered the young players. The funny thing is that he said that he earned only 1/10 of the other players amount and that he had to travel in the coach and not in the business class on the plane. They really don't like him, poor Vinny :hug: But, finally he travelled in the business class. Well, I have the feeling wants to say the truth to the players he doesn't like. We'll see that in the next chapters !!
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