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US Open Match Statistics

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does anyone know if statistics will be made available for all the matches played today or only the matches that had the stats option on the scoreboard? Anyone know where to find the stats for all the matches today?

thanks in advance
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yeah but only some of the matches have stats...not all of them
I guess this one is a real stumper
I guess those outside courts can't bother with details
I don't understand this. Even the Pilot Pen tennis tournament last week (which is ghetto as hell) had match stats for all courts. The US Open people can't be serious about this. There must be somewhere I can get the info.
Useless Open.

Possibly no-one else here cares too much about match statistics, but I've noticed that this USeless Open website, which should be top notch as it is a grand slam tournament, has only given about half of the statistics from its games yesterday. I find this absolutely pathetic and laughable. Even tournaments like the Legg Mason Classic keep match stats properly on their websites. Is this something that's happened before, or it this unusual?
Re: Useless Open.

NewTennisFan said:
Is this something that's happened before, or it this unusual?
It has happened before in the US Open, just don't how many courts it affected exactly (I thought more like 5).
The other three Slams provide at least the basic stats (such as serve %, aces, serve winning %, points won, break points) usually for all courts (or for the very most of them), but the US Open has no stats at all available for 8 or 9 courts.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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