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We are running another contest where you can pit your wits against players from other tennis boards, e.g.,,,,, etc. It works like FITD on here (in the sense that you can enter very quickly by re-using your FITD picks) or the bracket challenge contest the ATP run for slams, though the scoring is a bit different.


Entries for the 2011 US Open 'Battle of the Boards' pick 'em contest are now open at with qualifiers already placed on the entry form.

Entries close at 15.00 GMT = 4 pm UK = 17.00 CET = 11 am US EDT = 8 am US PDT on MONDAY, so there are still nearly 2 days to go.

Remember to pick team code MT if you want to play for this board (for any newbies, you don't need to be 'picked' for the team by anyone, it's just a bit of fun, so just enter for the board/forum you feel the most affinity with)

You can play both as an individual and as a team if your board/forum has at least 5 members, which MTF usually does. In fact, you had 16 entrants for Wimbledon and finished 6th out of 18 in the teams league, while reaching the Final of the team KO comp. At RG, boarder35m from MTF actually won the individual competition, 1st out of 356 entrants, with Snoo Foo also finishing in the top 10, while at Wimbledon Snoo Foo was your top finisher in 15th out of 410.

Good luck!

P.S. The delayed post-Wimbledon rankings should be updated before Monday - they will be as at the end of Wimbledon, before last year's Toronto and US Open scores come off.

Because we were unable to run a BOTB for one of the Masters tournaments in August this year (which means two have been missed this year), at the end of the US Open the maximum number of counting scores (with each slam able to be counted up to two times) taken into account will reduce from 7 to 6.

However, it will go back up to 7 if one or both of the Masters contests we have missed this year get reinstated in 2012.

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