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It's supposed to be winter around my neck of the woods, but one would never be able to tell with no snow on the ground and unseasonably warm temps. It's around 60 degrees right now, sun out, and a slight breeze blowing.

As I take in the nice weather, I reflect on winters past, when snow came all too frequently and school was perpetually out of session. These days, Kentucky doesn't get as much snow as she used to; however, one or two inches of snow on the ground is justification for calling off school for the kiddos.

If this is the type of winter we can expect around here, then summer is going to be a scorcher. Last summer extended well into October...temperatures staying well into the 80s. Then winter...the cold....the only time we got snow-thus far-was around Christmas time. But I'm told to "wait...February hasn't gotten here yet. In fact, January's not over. Just you wait..." I guess I'll have to....
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