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It's starting to get down to crunch time...the end of the year and all.

The week after next, I'll be on vacation, so I'll be here when I can. I also have to catch up on field hours at the school I'm observing and get my schoolwork done. I didn't realize how hectic nine hours can be. I'm passing the classes fortunately, but I don't think I'll be repeating this scenario next semester. In fact, I know I won't. I am signing up for six credit hours, and that's all I will handle.

I don't know about summer school yet. I may have to take some classes at another university just so I can stay on course to student teach in fall 2007 (and even that's an ambitious date), although spring 2008 looks to be more realistic. It may be a blessing in disguise doing it this way. At least I'll get my five years' experience in my current job, which would look great on my resume. That way, I'll have more opportunities to get involved with other activities in a meaningful way beforehand so I can fill my resume and e-portfolio with those things.

In the meantime, I'm going back to posting.
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