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Unrecognizable Ivan Llendll!!!!

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one of the all time greats, Ivan, was doing a katrina appeal on TV.

I wouldnt have recognized him if I hadnt been able to hear his distinctive accent!!!!!!!!!

That gaunt look is gone.
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He looked the same to me, just filled out his face and his hairline receded further
He has a pot belly now, looks like the golfer he is ;) He did a tennis clinic with JMac earlier this week. JMac looks the same physically as he did 20 years ago but for the gray hair.
I think he looks better now than before, but it is probably because he has gained some weght. He is entitled to relax some. Actually, he is a pretty good golfer.
Yeah, he looks better now. Maybe it's because the fangs aren't obvious in that pic. Although that picture seems to be at least 5 years ago. Anyway, he looks very happy, he was always one of my all-time favourites.
He's my all time fav - and he's 45 now, so you can't blame him for filling out a bit:)
he looks more relaxed, happier... :)

he doesn't have to pull out his eyelashes anymore before doing a serve. ;)
I thought so too but didn't want to start a thread really. He looked really old and busted :rolleyes:. I mean JMac looks so young and energetic even with grayish hair but Ivan appeared to have let himself go :sad:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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