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Formula for The Real World:
1 house slut (usually blond, but other variations will do)

1 angry 'kill whitey' black person (preferably male to enhance the 'menace' appeal)

1 small town virgin (who by the end of the season will either be a. still a virgin and committed to long term highschool sweet heart bf or b. a full blown slut)

1 player ( go to bars, get drunk, bring home drunk sluts, screw them, brag about it; repeat. N.B players actually convince themselves that said lushes come home with them because they, and not the mtv cameras, are irresistable)

1 gay person( can be any race or gender. Generally if this person is slutty= lots of camera time devoted to random same sex hookups and drama. However if he/she is normal= no camera time, role is relegated to the token gay guy/girl in the background)

1 totally fucked up person ( pretty much can be any of the characters stated above; expect this person to complain about their horrible family life, threaten to/actually beat up somebody, end up in jail at least once during the season, do more than their fair share of shameless bawling)

1 normal person (well adjusted, happy go lucky. e.i the unlucky sap who will be tortured )

renovated mansion/loft/warehouse decked out in ikea's finest. Unique features include transparent, communal showers (because,i mean of course, those are a bathroom must have) and a giant, flooded petri dish that they refer to as the hot tub.

Enough alcohol to pickle king kong
condoms..this is a necessity really, to hell with food and water

Hmmm...anything that doesn't conflict with nightly alcohol poisonings.

Season wrapup:
group make out session/ group sex in the hot tub
someone (at least one) goes to jail
..more crying
contrived, lame housemate fight
oh, i forgot..more sex in assorted places between housemates and /or random townies(confessional booth, bathroom (yes in those nifty communal showers) pool table....wherever)
show up at sham 'job' and complete pointless project so they can go on the group vacation lol
someone else goes to jail
group vacation, where they do everything mentioned above but in a foreign country
Finally time to go to home ( you know the real real world :scared: ) :eek:
farewell - 'omg i love you!' (after cohabitating for 3 months :rolleyes: ), plenty o' crying and gratuitous emotion
at least 5/7 will wallow in reality tv hell, the other 2 will actually get a life

yeah, pretty real.

Vamos Mandy :)
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LOL!!! I could not agree with you more. I used to watch it religiously, now I haven't watched any of it for several seasons. The formula is really getting old.
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