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U14 Orange Bowl Winner: Yshai Oliel. Won at 12 as well

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So this is Israel's biggest hope in tennis these days.
Yshai won the Orange Bowl 2 years ago, made a 1/4 final last year and won it again this year.

He has beaten (quite convincingly) any other boy his age that he has faced in the last year, including all the top ranks in Europe, US, and South America. (and it seems Asia now as well as he beat a kid from Taiwan in the final)

He WON a level 3 ITF event this year at the age of 14.

I saw him taking sets off ranked ATP players this year and this is my hail marry thread hoping that in a few years I can point people here and say YES!!!!!!! He made it!

Right now I believe him to be as good as a 14 year old can be, I just hope he keeps his head in it and grows enough physically to be a real factor in tennis.

Here's hoping!!
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He has also grown physically over the last year, according to what I heard he is 180cm and growing (he turns 15 in two weeks) and last year it was predicted he would never reach this height.
On top of that, he seems very stable mentally, and he is also wrapped by a complete professional package (coaching etc.) which other Israeli youngsters don't have. So far he looks like the complete package. I Hope I'm not jinxing him right now...
Is he a man? He looks so badly like a woman...
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