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Dima has signed to be a resident blogger for the ATP :bigclap:
Some of my favorites quotes from him:

Another reason I’m resuming was just the sheer whining I had to put up with in the locker room. “Can you please write something about me?”, “Can you write something about Tommy?”, “Say something mean about Bobby! I don’t like him!”, “Johnny bageled me! Tell everyone he sucks!” - and so on and so forth. Thomas Johansson is calling me “Maestro”, “Blog King”, “The Chosen One”, and “Richard Pryor of Blogging” after he realized how difficult it is to blog on my level, and even Roger asked for blogging lessons for his own web site. He is trading 3 of his Grand Slam titles because he spent all of his money on some pastures for his cow, or something like that, so he just wants to trade instead of paying cash!

I really have a feeling that the blog is getting popular because of the way drivers act when I get in the car. It seems that they really want to be noticed and try to stand out anyway they can.

Now, let’s get to Bryanne. It’s not fair! She gets the whole day to do her blog and I do mine in the evening. I see her with the laptop everywhere! Lounge, press room, even on a tennis court… She should sign up for Blog Addict Anonymous.

Elena Vesnina couldn’t take any more abuse in billiards, so she left. So did Rodionova, my best friend when it came to gossip. She probably went to see her BF who is a DJ. Now that’s a smart move! If you want quality dance music for free then just date a DJ. Don’t spend time ripping music off the internet like Dinara Safina.

By the way, fans don’t realize how much time tennis players spend online. Dinara probably has every song on the planet into her laptop. Marat downloads so many movies it feels like he is planning to open Blockbuster Video in Moscow. Gael Monfils is nuts over MSN. A couple of days ago he was sitting in the lobby and, I’m not kidding, talking on six MSN Windows at the same time. The guy is like Neo in Matrix. He has no idea what he is writing anymore or who he is writing to. He just puts “lol” and moves on to the next window.

I was going to talk about a certain female player named Katerina, who has been chasing Marat for the third day now. “Coincidentally” bumping into him, eating when he is eating, lounging in a chair in front of the locker room right after his match and changing practice court from #8 to the one next to his. All of this has been extremely hilarious to watch... :scratch: who knew! good taste girl :yeah:

Then there is a problem with copycats from WTA. They steal all of our great ideas! Fist-Pumping, Grunting, Blogging, Sleeveless Shirts… They steal everything good ATP came up with. I’m surprised they haven’t stolen Feliciano… Ok, ok! That was uncalled for! But c’mon! Blogging was our idea to promote ATP. Women don’t need that. They have enough fans as it is. They have so much attention and promotion that their fans don’t even play tennis! They don’t know the names, they don’t know the rules, they don’t even care who wins! Hell, they are so consumed cheering for their player they sometimes forget to even watch the ball! That’s what blogging was supposed to do to men’s tennis. Get us more fans. And then cunning Bryanne Stewart (read her blog) tries to steal our glory. And what’s this stuff about me flirting with the driver? Never saw any of this. It must have looked like that from the third row, but you can’t assume things!

I must admit I am a freaking handsome devil! Just not very photogenic!!!

Once I got back I went online and tried to explain to Andreev and Kirilenko how to find your own IP Address. They are hopeless with a computer. They should have bought typewriters!!! I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to dinner with Davydenko to a really good seafood restaurant on a small street not too far from our hotel.

:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: ... LMAO
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