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The game is played in a Chat. We just meet at a fixed time in the chat.
The umpire ( one player ) pose a question and the 1st person who gives the correct answer to it wins one game. The player who gets to 6 games wins a set, and we generally play a best of 3 sets match.
The matches usually have the drama and excitement of the real life matches that we see.
It is essential to sign up in the threads that they will be in the Games forum of the ATPWorld.

You have 15 minutes to appear after the time indicated for the beginning of the tournament. After those minutes you can't play.
About the game, the question can be only about ATP tour, therefore neither challengers, junior, mix doubles or WTA can be asked. Also nicks names are not allowed, but you can make typos ( readable ) and if you aks for a tournament you always have to say the name of the city.
If you have some doubts contact me and i will solve it.

- when you are playing a match you can leave the game only for 10 minutes. If you aren't back in 10 minutes your rival will win by abandon.
- its obligatory for the umpire to say nq (next question) before he asks the new question and its obligatory for the players to say "ok" after each "nq" and the umpire has to wait for the "ok" of both players. If one player doesnt say ok and the q is asked he can ask for the cancel of the question and the umpire has to cancel it. If the umpire doesnt say nq and he asks the q the players can ask also for the cancel and the umpire has to accept
- if you make typos in your questions its a decision of the umpire and only of the umpire if he accepts it or not. If the umpire understands the answer and thinks that the player made the typo without intention he should give the point, but if a player keeps saying Sampas ( and not Sampras) or Michel ( and not Michael) in each question the umpire could not admit the answer although its understandable.
- you can choose the umpire you want in your match, but both players have to agree with him, but you can't change of umpire when the match have started. The umpire who makes the 1st question will have to ask also the last question.

- rule in singles its also for doubles. The "nq" & "ok" are obligatory.

- you cant change nationality. So choose it right when u start the game.
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