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Two weeks after my South Carolina trip, I went to Nashville, TN, to take my dad to his orientation. He drove the first leg from Kentucky to Nashville, TN; I drove the second from Nashville to Glasgow; and my uncle drove from Glasgow back to our neck of the woods.

Here are more pics....

I saw the dinosaur to the right of me as we were heading to Nashville. In 2007, I want to take my nephew there because he loves dinosaurs, and it's a good excuse to get away from my neck of the woods for a few hours.

We were inbound to Nashville on this road.

And you cannot travel without running into a roadblock or two. In this particular case, the transportation crew was working on widening this section of I-65 between Bowling Green, KY and the state line. When we drove through there, the tar in the atmosphere was so thick, my eyes watered. I begged dad to take I-24, but he stayed on this road forever...and ever, it seemed.

Unlike my South Carolina trip, this trip was a journey into another time zone. The time changed at the Hart County line in Kentucky.

This was a good day trip for us, since we all were really anxious to get away for awhile.
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