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This morning, I watched on the French channel, Sport +, the second semi : Roger vs Gonzo. Gonzo unfortunately lost :( but it was very close, he could have won. I'm fed up with Roger's victories, I like him, but he could let other players win sometimes :lol: Fernando played very well, his played a fantastic second set, unfortunately, in the third one, he put a ball in the net and then, gave up the match I think. Well, he must be frustrated to lose each time against Roger !! Each time, he's in his draw. I think in Cincy, it will be the same :( Next week, first round against Massu, it will be tought, but anyway, good luck :bounce:

My holidays : I have many days off and I still don't know where I'm going to do :( During october, wanted to go to some indoor tournaments, but my colleague goes to Kenya, so I have to stay in Paris :( I can only leave for the week-ends, and in indoors, it's not good unless for Madrid. I wanted to go very far during the winter, but the problem is that I can't go there only for the tournament, I have to visit a part of the country, and I don't have enough money :( because the two countries I'd like to visit are very big and there are many places to visit. One of them, could be interesting for my work, because it will be a new destination for us this winter !! So, it's a big dilemna. And, my boss will ask me very soon to take my holidays, I don't want to lose my days and I don't want to be paid instead of taking my holidays, the other problem is that I'm not sure to be able to go to the clay tour. Well, sometimes, I hate to work in tourism because it's always the high season for us, and I have to be there :( Well, some complain because they don't have holidays, in my case, it's the opposite, too much holidays but don't know what to do with :lol:

In the late september, wanted to attend to a surfing competition, but won't be able, because I have to go to Finland for my work during that week :( And, I don't want to take my holidays before or after (no tournaments).

Would like to go on tour again !!! It's a like a drug sometimes :lol:

Except that, everything is ok :yeah:
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