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My local newspaper ran an article yesterday of several people's favorite songs. There were 1000 total listed.

It got me to thinking what my favorite songs are. I'll list twenty songs, which I think is an adequate list. In reverse order (and I have the nerve to rank these....shame, shame).....

20. Hands to Heaven-Breathe
19. Anytime-Brian McKnight
18. Dancing Queen-ABBA
17. Ordinary People-John Legend
16. Love Will Lead You Back-Taylor Dayne
15. Give Me One Reason-Tracy Chapman
14. Dust in the Wind-Kansas
13. More Than Words-Extreme
12. If Anyone Had a Heart-Luther Vandross
11. Who's Cryin' Now-Journey
10. That's the Way of the World-Earth, Wind, and Fire
9. Overjoyed-Stevie Wonder
8. Big Log-Robert Plant
7. Unforgettable Fire-U2
6. The Rose-Bette Midler
5. Diary-Alicia Keys
4. Piano in the Dark-Brenda Russell
3. Lately-Tyrese
2. Purple Rain-Prince
and 1. Vision of Love-Mariah Carey

Of course, I have more, but these twenty represent me and my tastes the most.
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