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Hello Everyone! Salut tout le monde!

This is the updated version of the Vonder Index, a Top#100 Ranking List from open Era achievements.

Relevant remarks on Vonder Index is :
  • a dynamic ranking system, which means even after a players retires, his index points still move (up or down)
  • the equivalent % points are not absolute, but rather an estimate of how probable (relatively) a player is to be the GOAT
  • 1,00 or 100% is the ultimate player, if someone has the records of all metrics it means that he is 100% surely the GOAT
  • players move up in the rankings with ANY improvement in their game/career
  • players achieving historical records not only go up, but also move down all other players
  • a skeptical index, which means excelling results must be backed up by similar feats in other areas to be fully acknowledge
  • 100% objective with no subjectivity added

Additionally, it's an holistic model, in which all aspect of the game are evaluated and carefully selected according to correlated factors of greatness.
  • Titles are the central criteria, grasping Connors, Sampras greatness, but also Alcaraz's, Sinner's, FAA's, winning titles is the ultimate goal of a tennis player
  • (ATP) Rankings are extremely important, determining the best players in the world along the time, showing how dominante players like Djokovic, Lendl, Sampras were, but also assessing all time greats like Hewitt, Roddick, Chang, Vilas, Murray and good players like Ferrer, Tsonga, Nishikori, Monfils, Robredo
  • Rivalries or power levels, translated by in-court Performance, are measured by varied W/L ratios, so that Borg, Safin, Rafa, Del Potro levels are not significantly affected by prolonged injuries

Pillars of the sport: (Tennis Theory)
  • Rankings (long-term variables) - professional Tour level (the "best" of the year/52w)
  • Titles (mid-term variables) - tournament level (the "champions"of the event)
  • Rivalries (short-term variables) - match level (the "winners" of the day)

・Year-Ends #1
・Weeks as #1
・Weeks in Top#10

・Grand Slams
・Big Titles
・All Titles

・W/L% vs. Top5
・W/L% vs. Top10
・W/L% career

Excluded variables -
・shorter than Match-Levels: sets, games, points, serve/return, balls
・longer than Rankings-Levels: 104 weeks (checked proposals), decades (00-09), 10y time (05-14), Eras (Pre-WW1, Pre-WW2, Pre-OE, Pre-Masters9, Pre-2000-Standardised-Rankings)

Hereinbelow we have 3 crossed criteria, mixing up a matrix of the most prestigious metrics and the more general ones:

・Year-Ends #1
・Grand Slams
・W/L vs. Top5

・weeks #1
・Big Titles
・W/L% vs. Top10

・weeks at Top10
・All Titles
・W/L% career

The Top#100 rankings go as follows:
Purple Font Line Violet Magenta

The backbone structure of the system is presented below: 9 metrics divided into the 3 main criteria
Font Slope Pattern Parallel Rectangle

The selected metrics are grouped into their own belonging criteria or in cross-sections. Either way, the resulting Vonder Index - extracted from these 3 criteria - is exactly the same.

Colorfulness Product Font Parallel Screenshot
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