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Well it has been over a year since ive updated this bugger so i thought why not!!

What has happened since last time, LOADS obviously well actually ive been stuck in a hole for the past year slaving my guts away at uni!! but heh its my last year in October sooooo Party well not quite but i will do my best. The only thing getting me through this is the thought that by July next year I be tossing my grad hat and coat (the only real reason why i went to uni ha and then galavanting off to Australia for a year!!! I just can't wait! and i alsoo hope to plan to go to the Aussie Open if only i could get my greasy mitts on some tickets :p

Well before all that I have a diss to do damn it! I need to think of a topic sharpish before term starts again but my brain again is unfunctional!

Seeing this is a tennis forum it wouldnt be apt for me to talk about what has happened these last 2 weeks yes the rain *cough* sorry Wimbledon. Seeing i didnt watch it last year cos again i was galavanting in HK but this year it was a Great tourney for Richie poops he got in to his first GS S/F woot as for Iggy Pop well just his luck to have Blake in one of his rounds (cant remember which its all fuzzy to me). In addition i have found my new love in Nole :inlove: mmm and congrats to feds on a 5th in a row Wimby tbh he looked a bit sketchy and i actually thought wee lil nadal would pull through and win it but nooooooo... as for the womens side who cares ha

well i must say sayonara for now

Suzi xxx
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