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Tommy in Cincinnati

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Tommy plays tomorrow at 11 CDT! Beat Mathieu this time honey! He's been in Cincy since Friday working with Red. Hope you are feeling much better!
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Cincinnati is in the Eastern time zone.
I'm watching the match (at the moment, the play is suspended due to the rain). Good luck to Tommy :) Before the break, there was a ball out but the chair empire (Lars Graff) said that it was ok, and Tommy was a big angry, he spoke to one of the line empire (a lady). Well, hope he'll be focused again when he'll be back !!!

Just a funny thing, not a serious one, I noticed, in two sets, he changed 4 times his T-shirt LOL So, now, we know all his Asics shirts !!! :woohoo:
Sad that Tommy lost :( Good luck for the next tournament !!


PS : no Haas' fans ????
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Tommy is not good yet! :sad: :sad: Needs time
Shame always anything strange happening to him to get him out of track for playing tournaments :sad:

US Open so important for him, his ranking will be down very lot if he is not going far

I hope Tommy can play complete 2006 without break, then he will do big things again and get his ranking up where he must be because he is so big Champion!
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