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~~~~~Tomas's 20th Birthday!!!~~~~~

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On Saturday 17th September Tomas will celebrate his 20th birthday!!!!!!! :woohoo:

:aparty: :bdaycake: :bigclap:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMAS!!! Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Tomáši!!!

:D :yippee: :drink: :woohoo: :kiss: :worship: :) :yeah: :hug:

Wish you all the best in your tennis and personal life, to have more and more great fans and live your life like you want!!! We like you and will cheer for you no matter if you win or lose, you are our hero and we are your true fans! :worship: Užij si svůj den! :)
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Be my bf,Tomas! :crazy::haha::smooch:
Joking :aplot:

Happy birthday to you! :aparty::bdaycake::kiss: I really like your game! :rocker2:
Happy Birthday Tomas!!! :hug: :kiss:

:aparty: ~ :bdaycake: ~ :aparty: ~ :bdaycake: ~ :aparty:​

I like him because he's three years older than me and we were born on the same day. He's my boyfriend, guys. And if we get married on 9/17, we can just throw a massive party and get it over with.
So far he has 4 gfs lol! :crazy::inlove::smooch:
hey Liptea! :wavey: welcome to Tomas's place here! :) btw, my mom was born also on 17th September, so we had a wild celebration yesterday :D
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