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I love my new hairbands. Not only do they keep my hair from falling in my face when i have it pulled back, but they make me look 12. And oh boy, do I love looking 12.

I was in the post office for half a fricken hour today. I waited in line and then realized I needed two minutes to fill some stuff out, so then I had to wait in line again after doing that. Grrrr! I probably could have just held up the line but I'm too NICE, damnit.

I hate walking through parking lots of malls and plazas when they are busy, especially during the holidays. People are stupid and do not know how to drive, nor do they look where they are going. I must have cursed at at least half a dozen cars today. This reminds me of when I was in highschool and people started to pick up on my habit of cursing at cars. A couple of my old friends actually ditched me in part over this matter. The found me "weird". At last check, one of them is living in a cabin in the woods with no electricity and the other is probably turning tricks to feed her drug habit. Yeah... I'm clearly the weird one.

So I go home soon and get to see how all the pretty-snotty-girls who used to only talk to me when they wanted schoooool help have put on weight and gotten less attractive. Hey - it happens. To them. Not to me. I look better. And maybe I'm a jerk for snickering about that... but I am a jerk. So I don't feel bad.

Today while wandering around the grocery store I actually started whistling to some Space Invaders song that Jole sent me. I only caught myself doing it when I noticed somebody looking at me. I giggled. Maybe I should have been embarassed, but I don't embarass easily.

That's all for now.
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