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Arg, yes it was.

I ate a good sandwich and I had a good hair day. What more could one ask for?

I figured out today that my days go much better when I take pleasure out of the simple things instead of focussing on idiots or idiotic situations that I have no control over. Of course, it's easier to say this than practice it all the time... but I do what I can.

I didn't nearly have a crisis in group therapy for basketcases today, so that was cool. I actually contributed and what not.... mind boggling. I think it was because I laid off the coffee. After getting as little sleep as I did last night *ahem*, coffee was just totally unnecessary. I think that it would ahve killed me. I even had to turn down free coffee. TWICE. I still don't know why they were handing it out, but the second time I walked by and they called me over I looked back and just told them: "look, if I drink that stuff I'm going to be bouncing off the walls" all while making a crazy face. They laughed. AT me no doubt, but that was kind of the idea.

Today people in group were rambling about procrastination and stress. I procrastinate, but that isn't really the focus of my stress... at least I don't think it is. They procrastinate because they can't handle or organize things... and while that is part of why I do it, I think that I largely do it because I can. I can procrastinate and still accomplish most of what I want to. If I was bringing in 60s with my current study habits, clearly I would change them. Sometimes I wonder though, if I don't actually procrastinate so that I can make excuses for myself. That is, I always tell myself that if I bothered to go to all my classes and keep up on work that I could pull in 95s from every direction. Maybe that sounds absurd and cocky, but I honestly believe it. I just wonder though, that maybe part of why I don't bother is so that I don't have to test that theory.

Okay, so that's my not so deep thought for today.

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