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TMC: i can't wait!!!

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i can't wait to see nadal face off with safin, hewitt, and roddick.

let's see if nadal is really that good against 2 power players especially on return of serve, and 1 player (hewitt) who runs around just as much on court...

what's your take on nadal's potential match ups with these 3?
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My take is no chance against Roddick, 50-50 with Hewitt and easy win vs. Safin.
ys said:
What is TMC?
Tennis Masters Cup? held after the regular Nov. in China this year i guess

8 players Go

top 7 are locks

and 8 is a WC or a GS champ who is out side top 8 but inside top 20. i think thats how it works...someone correct me if im wrong.
yes, that's pretty much how it goes.

the thing is i'm yet to see a roddick-nadal or safin-nadal this year. even the hewitt-nadal was during the time that nadal didn't explode yet.

i just can't wait to see how it plays out with them playing. and TMC is a tourney where it's sure they will finally get to meet.
Nadal will destroy Roddick. Beat Hewitt. Lose to Safin.

Marat, Roger or Rafael will win this thing.
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I'll reserve my judgements until after the US Open
Roddick - still can't see Rafa completely turning things around on hc from what occurred at last years USO. It'll be much closer, but I think Roddick may still win. As long as Roddicks serve is on, it'll be a very tough day for Rafa.

Safin - Rafa can definitely get a win here, unless Safin shows up mentally, then he could be in some trouble...I think Safin would handle his high bouncers fairly well.

Hewitt - the closest match of the 3, will just come down to who really wants it the most....I think 4-0 for Lleyton :)
Has everyone forgot about Roger???

I think Nadal will beat Hewitt comfortably, and i am more of a Hewitt fan!!
I think he is just a better version of Hewitt maybe a new improved model, bigger,stronger, improved Celebrations, i think Hewitt was the protatype and Nadal is the genuine article!!!!!
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