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Same as it ever was
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I'm feeling so much better now. I am so relieved that this horrid few months of my life are over and I was able to get over it :yeah:

The biggest problem for me now though is that I have now started fancying a guy at work that is married. I am a serial offender at that. I think over the years I have now liked 3 married guys from work. Of course I'd never act on anything, but it's kinda annoying feeling like that - but I can't help the way I feel.

This guy is bald and really not that attractive to normal people (but then that's the norm for me I guess :p ) He's Greek and loves football (of the soccer form :p). He always makes an effort to talk to me because in a one-eyed Aussie Rules footy community I'm one of the only soccer fans in the store (even if I do love Aussie Rules too). For that reason we get along really well.

Stupidly there is another lovely, lovely guy at work who I'm pretty much certain isn't attached. He's gorgeous and hot and most would probably agree with that. For a little while I was really, really interested in him but now I'm finding that I just can't get that interest anymore because I'm so attracted to the other one :rolleyes:

Stupid Peta :smash:
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