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Hola :wavey:

Time flies very fast, we are already friday and it's the end of the first week of holidays. I did nothing during this period, I brought some work at home, I have to prepare a program in Sweden for next summer and I did NOTHING, maybe a lack of inspiration, I don't know, maybe too focused on ATP Basel, I'm sure :lol: Too stressy by Gonzo's results !! Now, he's in semi against Wawrinka. We'll see... no comment !!

On sunday, I'll have lunch with Aurélie, we'll eat in Bercy Village and then, make a tour around the players official hotel, just to have a look. She'd like to make T.H sign her picture, and we'll be sure to see HIM, not like a player from Chile :lol:

The Paris draw is available, Fernando has a bye in the first round, but may face Santoro or Benneteau, I really really hope, it won't be Santoro, this guy is so strange, and I don't like the way he plays !! Last year, the match against GG was soooooooooo boring !! Thanks to Santoro !!

Well, I hope he'll keep some strengh for Paris, vamos :bounce:
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