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Thursday's live scores and results!

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we'll post the scores and results here(if there's no rain, hopefully).. Go Guga!!!!!
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Guga and Russell are in the court. :D
Yea, no rain!!

Go Guga!!

:bounce: :bounce:
yessss!!! Go Gugaaaa!!!
0-40!!!! go!!!! break him Guga!!
damn deuce..
rain deley peoples
First game, Russell serves.

0-15 Guga starts hitting deep bhs, forces Russell´s error
0-30 Long rally, some wicked bhs, moving Russell around untill the american dumsp it into the net
It´s windy...
0-40 Russell played a good point, approached the net, but then hit a terrible bh long
15-40 Guga hitting bh slices, the second into the net
30-40 Bad return.
40-40 Backhand miss-hit Guga. Three errors in a row
ad-40 Guga hitting slices, then tries a fh winner, into the net.
He rushed a tough ball
40-40 Another long rally, Russell into the net.
ad-40 Another miss-hit with the bh
Good point Russell, forcing the game... Guga with a forced error

Game Russell 1-0
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and Russel leads Guga 5-4.
3 break points all wasted... Go Guga!
what are you talking about Kazblah? they are playing live!|
Come on Guga - don't let him break you!!!!

Well I'm watching it live in NZ tv, and right now it has rain deley and Russel is leading Guga 5-4...if this is wrong then i'm losing it.
are you serious??? oh nooooooooo..... and there's no break?
Guga serves 0-1

15-30 Fh winner Guga
15-40 Fh unforced error
30-40 Guga forces the second serve to Russell´s body, forcing a bad return
40-40 ACE!!! :D
ad-40 Bad return
Great fh Guga

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they both saved break points.. damn rain delay..
Oh, its not live after all then... I was wondering what they did with the timezones.... :rolleyes: Stupid asses!
Russell serves 1-1

0-40 Double fault
Russell with an error

Game Guga 2-1
Guga has 3 break points again.. hey kazblah, is there a break?

hey I noticed something.. on the live scoreboard, I have the same live scores as Dissident has on his TV... why??
at 4 all Guga had 3 break points, but he ended up losing all of it again.
and right now there's a huge cloud hovering over Auckland right now, let's hope da rain holds.
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