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thursday scores/results

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post here please
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malisse 6-2 1-1
2-1 varlet second set no break
go xavier!!!!
5*-4 varlet
sorry guys, didn't see you started a topic as well... ;)
no problem ;)
varlet 7-5 second set
don't like that score...

please don't let slip away this chance to win your first title on the ATP-tour Xavier...

Just win the third set and I won't talk about it anymore ;)
3-3 third set
at least they should finish in time (before 1400)
lucky they didnt start an hour later.

go Xavier
this is a very disappointing loss Xavier!

You waisted a great chance to win your very first title here!!!
Well it's a surprising loss, but it only reaffirms my theory that the X-Man is just about the least mentally reliable player out there. It's quite telling that he's the highest-ranked and arguably most talented player never to have won a title, and that I think has something to do with his bizarre on-court attitude.

I saw him play Roddick in the first round in Basel last year, and at times he looked as though he could barely reach the ball, let alone hit it; it was as if he just didn't want to be there. Having said that, it's a long-standing problem for him; here is a man who once tanked the third set of a match according to Nick Bolletieri simply because he didn't like the way the other guy was hitting the ball.

Mystery Man, is Malisse!
Xavier :fiery: :fiery: :fiery: :fiery: Was the Belgian press right? Still I don't think so...but they are close... :(
Xavier is still thinking too much about Jen Cap's butt rather than about tennis ball. Very understandable - it's a butt to die for..
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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