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Thursday 3R scores

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Henman vs Nalbandian 1-1
Dent vs Novak 2-1

Go David !
Go Novak!
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Funny, the scores on Henman's match went back to 0-0 :confused:
Nalbandian 3-2 up with a service break! :D

Dent- Novak 4-3*
Yes! Henman took the first set 6-4. Way to go, Tim! :D

Novak 7-5
:mad: I went away thinking David will win the 1st set... :fiery:
Novak def. Dent 7-5 6-3
4-3 David serving David..

AD. Henman :fiery: :fiery:
DEUCE! Vamos David! :mad:
AD. David!
Game Tim
6-4 4-4

David is SO STUPID! He had the same lead on first set, and the same thing happend!!!! :fiery: :fiery: :fiery:
thanx bernado :)

Vamos David !!!!!!!!! pluck that chicken
1 - 20 of 189 Posts
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