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What a perfect timing - Gulzhan was just heading to the restaurant. Nathaliia joined her and after a moment they could relish the famous, delicious Swedish food. Like chickens feed with all the chemical substances that you learnt about at highschool. Gulzhan was drinking Napoleon to catch any taste of anything given on the table:
- I switched the room, the new one is fine, but I don't know anything about neighbours.
- Eww, fine. I believe they are better - Nathaliia replied, packing to her mouth an overcooked tomato with bacon inside, with no flavour.
- Ah, uhmmm... - Gulzhan broke the sentence as she saw a Thai tennis player unable to deal with a coffee machine. - I forgot your bag with the cosmetics. You have to go to the reception.
Her daughter looked daggers at her: "I knew she would fuck up something. Aaaalcoholic" - she thought.

After all, poor Nathaliia instead of going sleep as she desired, was forced to interrupt miss Sandra Costea in helping out some new hotel guests, and talk about the problem. It was quite a problem indeed, because the cleaning staff didn't find any cosmetics bag in the room number 727, and Gulzhan didn't take it for sure as well.
- We have a new person in that room, but I shall go with you upstairs and we'll try to find out what happened.
Fine. If there were some problems and complications, especially with the lost things, Nathaliia needed to be there.
- Not that I accuse anybody - the Polish girl started without a hope - but I believe this bag will be never found. There was some expensive stuff. I barely use cosmetics like eye-shadows or perfumes, but better to have them than not to have them.
- Of course, I am totally sorry about what happened. The hotel will make it up to you - miss Costea spitted out the well-known formula, repeated till pain today.
- Before the hotel will make it up, I will have no make up - commented Nathaliia, smiling at her own brightness in sentence building. - So, who is living now in that 727 room?
- I am not quite sure, we have had some mess today. Really, it is not like this in here every day! These tennis tournaments are the worst I think! We needed to move some people and they started to react hysterically.
As Nathii was looking on the floor, Sandra kept on confessing. The Polish girl started to wonder how it happens that everybody always wants to talk to her about the troubles. Then she asks additional questions with all the possible irony, and people are too involved into their own stuff to notice any tune of it.
- I am not working here for long, but we were hosts for some tennis players already - miss Costea continued as they went through the long corridor - The worst one came from Austria. He's on our black list. I will never forget the day he checked in, we were having a wedding of some couple from establihment. Then mister Koellerer arrived, went to the restaurant and had a runny nose, so started to blow in the decorative doilies and put them back on the table.
- This was odious - said Nathaliia, minding she could get on well with that guy.
- It really wasn't the worst part... his room was in a total disorder, everything was in the middle of the floor but each two hours he was calling the reception to get the staff to change his towels because according to him they were dirty! In the end he demanded from us to collect all his dirty yellow socks... ah, I believe once they were white, and pack into his bag!
- Quite a smart strategy, I might think of using it one day.
- But it's not the end....! Oh, I really hope this room is not occupated by any tennis player - Sandra joked and knocked at the door of fate.

Nobody answered. She knocked once again. No reaction again.
- Maybe the room is empty? - Nathaliia suggested.
- I can hear MTV. Quite loudly. Perhaps that person doesn't hear. Let's wait a while.

It was a very long while. The girls listened Justin Timberlake and Madonna, without talking. Finally Nathaliia coughed.
- I'll knock the last time. - promised miss Costea.
Still no answer. Nathaliia rolled her eyes as much as she could:
- Do you have that funny magnetic card to use and just have a small look? We are not going to steal anything, I am just hell curious.
- Haha, of course we won't steal anything - Sandra smiled and opened the door, creeping like a professional thief.

First thing that could have been seen was the general mess. The second thing, curtains laying on the floor. It was the evening, so the room was dark anyway. The only light was coming from a huge TV set. The entered the room. Clearly deserted.
- Hello? - Sandra asked unsteadily.

No answer. As usual.

- Cosmetics should be in the bathroom - Nathaliia said and took the card from Sandra to put it in the right place, to turn the lights in the bathroom on. She opened the door. And stepped back.
- Overdrugged. Dead - she whispered, going backwards. She hit on the wall.
Miss Costea looked at Nathii. With no secure she entered the bathroom. Slowly. Step by step. She saw the person leaning on the bath. Didn't know this person. Didn't know if this man was dead or alive. Felt so scared. She knew giving the first aid was her obligation. But she has never seen a person in such a state before. Catching the air, breathing loudly, she kneeled down and her face reached the level of the inclined head of the man. With shaking hands she checked his pulse. None.

- Overdrugged? - Nathaliia stopped being scared and started being curious.

This shout from behind almost caused poor Sandra a heart attack.
- Aww! - she whispered painfully. - I don't know. But dead.

Nathaliia didn't want to waste the chance of seeing a dead human with her own eyes and also moved to the bathroom. With more sober eye could notice things that world's most scared Sandra apparently couldn't.
- He was killed. Look what he has on the back of his head. Somebody hated him I guess. If this face wasn't so pale, I could swear I have seen him somewhere before. Strange.
The dead man was obviously killed by a hit of something heavy on the back of his head and then transported to the bathroom. Miss Costea covered her head with the hands and started to blubber hysterically.

Nathii went to the main room, she sat on the chair. Like she wanted to postpone the moment of going downstairs, telling everybody about what happened, being listened by the police, having a fucked-up late holiday after all. Dramatic, rhytmically repeated bursts of cry coming up from the bathroom were slowly becoming irritating.
- I knooow this guy! - Nathaliia shouted loud enough, to make sure the deadman's warder would hear it.
- You, you.... know this guy? - Sandra sobbed, desperately moving her hand through the wall, seeking for anything that could be used as a tissue.
- Yes, it was a tennis player!

No reaction.

- Tommy Boredo, and he won today! It was not a suicide then for sure! It would have been a strange method of commiting suicide, by the way - Nathaliia started to be clearly amused. She held her horses though, remembering the unfortunate bet of the certain Czech husband. Blah, the police will want to know the details, and she would have to be a witness, together with Gulzhan. Problems, problems, problems. Shit!
- Uh-uh-uh... - Sandra tried to face up the thesis. - He was MURDERED! In this hotel! And I was at the reception this time!
- You're upset? You have an alibi, heh... Of course, only in case you didn't move from the reception and there are people who can confirm it.
One good feature of the Polish teen was that even in the worst situation she could always joke at it. She continued:
- And what about that guy who was with you? Did he move from there? Who was helping Boredo with the baggage?
- Yes, it was Paul. But he's such a good boy... I mean... he's a pathetic character, he isn't even able to eat a fish on his plate because it looks so sadly at him with these fried eyes. He faints when he sees blood - miss Costea counted all the weaknesses of her partner.
- That's fine you went with me and not him. He would have fainted here - said Nathaliia and walked to the bathroom to take the crying girl by her hand and help her to evacuate outside. - We need to notify the forces.

At the time, Gulzhan was very busy at the restaurant. She ordered a bottle of wine during "happy hours" and needed to finish it quickly. Nathaliia pretended she didn't notice the alcohol present on the table and started to speak. With the worst possible way of starting the conversation:
- Mama, we need to talk seriously.
- You are pregnant - Gulzhan tried to outpace the pessimal possibility.
Her daughter almost choked with own saliva and felt the rush of blood coming to her head. Hopefully she was not.
- N..nnno...
- Did you find the cosmetics bag then?
- N...nnno, I found something different.
- Oh gosh, these hotels! It is really not the first time... - Gulzhan started whining.
- Yeah, get over it...
- It is not that I can't buy you a new bag, new cosmetics, maybe it's even better, you're not a child already, you need something more classy than the perfumes you used to...
- Mom...
- You liked these perfums? Child....
- Mom! - Nathaliia tried to interrupt.
- It is all about how the staff behaves.
- No, not only about.... more things are going on!
- They hire thiefs from all these post soviet countries Poland including....
- There was a dead body... - Nathii spitted it out.
- The worse it speaks for them, they steal, kill, don't clean afterwards like they should - Gulzhan didn't really get the point.
- Thing is, somebody else killed him.
- How? Who? - Gulzhan seemed taken aback.
It was the time for Nathaliia to tell the whole story, and also share the view on participation of the ex-neighbour in the crime. He bet against Boredo, Boredo won, Boredo was murdered. Of course, it's not so easy, but it was a hint. The police forces took it for granted, as suddenly sent out the orders to look for the Czech male resembling the memory portrait. Where has he been that time? And where did his wife go? It's not like the murder thing was to be spreaded between the hotel guests, but rumours have something in them that helps having a running speed of an American sprinter on a dope. Hall was crowdy, many people checking out. The ladies tried to move on towards the corridor with the elevator. Gulzhan stopped and stood like stoned. She had madness in her eyes.
- Eww, what's wrong? Move on - Nathaliia tried to pull her.
She didn't react. She opened her mouth like tried to say something, but couldn't.
- Is Boredo's ghost in the air? - the ancient platine clock showed almost midnight, a teenager wanted to fall asleep.
Gulzhan started to cough nervously. It was visible she had problems with catching the breath. Her daughter tried to follow the sight-line. There was a man. A queer. Dressed in highest class suit, a hat and the sunglasses. It was hard to tell his age... because the left half of his face simply covered with deep, loathsome scars. His left year seemed to be welded to the head. He was talking to the receptionist with the raised voice tembre, and the poor girl was afraid to prevail on herself to look at his face.

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is that really yours?, because is so good, maybe you must to write a book.

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Hahaha. There must be some betting, who killed Boredo. In the next part it will not be cleared yet and I think in the next next one either :nerner:
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