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Finally this day is not that bad.. i came at work with the bad feeling that everything would be hard today, but nothing bad happened (yet! :p )
Yesterday i had the good surprise to have an e-mail from a Hugo fan, she found my adress on my blog and congrated me for it.. i'm always happy to find a new Hugo fan cause he's so lovely and really deserves to be more famous..
I have another good surprise to find a mail of an argentine Gaston's fan, i feel so alone at the was comforting. Maybe i'm too close of Gaston, for too much years... but i'm not fed up, i love him even more with time... I'm pretty sure he will tank his match to be able to fly to germany for the football match.. i don't blame him as i know he likes football so much and have no expectations for Wimbledon but... it's not very serious :rolleyes:

I ate alone at work today and one of my colleagues came and said something stupid: you're eating in single?yes.. single... always and forever single! i don't even have an idea of what is a man anymore :lol: i don't want to make any effort to find my prince, people says it will come naturally... nothing come but i will let life decide.. Maybe i'm not made to be a wife and a mother, it's very sad but it's maybe my destiny... so what i will become? i'm sure i'm here for a reason, i have to find it! being a good fan maybe?! :lol: i'm good at that ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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